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Join Frontier Scientists using innovative technology to explore and understand our world.

Computations run on supercomputers help scientists create models which visualize and chart some of today’s most pressing challenges to forecast, like weather conditions, climate trends, and changes in sea ice. Computational science models allow us to understand complex trends and predict the future of our changing world.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are remote-controlled flying technological tools which allow for low-altitude remote sensing. UAVs help Arctic researchers aid in emergency response plans, engage in climate change studies, survey wild places without disturbing wildlife, and access dangerous areas like active wildfires or volcanoes.

Geothermal energy waits under Alaska. Pilgrim Hot Springs is an Alaskan geothermal resource with the potential to provide power for the remote city of Nome. Researchers work together, drilling at test sites and running simulations to assessing the potential of the geothermal hot springs at Pilgrim Hot Springs (considered the largest identified geothermal resource in the Central Alaska Hot Springs Belt).

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